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The Auction Process

Everything you need to know to get started.

The Initial Appointment – If your auction will include an estate, the first appointment with Mark should take place at the potential auction site. This is where Mark will view and assess the items and property to be auctioned. He’ll also review the general auction process with you.
*In the event an estate is being auctioned, any and all items the family wishes not to be sold should be labeled, “Not to be Sold,” and removed from the premises. In order to prevent accusations of false advertising, once Mark has written and published a sale bill, the selling family may not remove anything from that list.

Setting a Date – Depending on the scale of your auction and the amount of research and advertising to be done, Mark usually needs about six weeks to fully prepare an auction. When you confirm your date and time and where your advertisements will be placed, your contract with Mark, in accordance with Ohio state law, will be signed as well.

Mark’s Staff – To assist in preparing your items to be sold, and to assist the day of the auction, Mark hires his own auction staff. The staff is nothing but the best: honest, reliable, experienced, and very friendly. Most have worked with Mark for over six or seven years, and all love the fact that Mark works right beside them carefully sorting and arranging to make your auction a success. Staffing costs are based on the current market labor rate.

Finishing The Job – Mark will work with you from start to finish ensuring the best possible outcome for your auction. Settlements are most often completed at the end of that auction day. At this time you’ll receive the auction revenue, less the costs of labor, advertising, Mark’s commission, and any other auction expenses. Occasionally if necessary, settlement can be arranged to take place within a week of the auction’s completion.


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